1. Port ordered via Breeze Connect

Port requests must be submitted via the Breeze Connect Helpdesk. Ports may be submitted using either the Reseller or End User account for the associated trunk. A trunk and End User must be created before the port can be submitted. When you order your port via the ticket portal or email it is sent to the Breeze Connect team to be reviewed.

2. Port reviewed by our team and submitted

Our team will review your port request to help minimize errors and then submit it to our upstream provider who will request a Porting Number Validation (PNV) to verify that all the numbers associated with the 'complex' service are included.

You will receive an e-mail notification once the port has been submitted for PNV.

3. Porting Number Validation (PNV)

The PNV response from the losing carrier generally takes 3-5 working days but may be up to 10.

If everything matches up

If the services listed in the PNV response match up with the port request we'll request the losing carrier to proceed with confirming the port as soon as possible.

You will receive an e-mail notification when this happens.

If something doesn't match up

If there are numbers associated with the service which are not included in your porting request we will send you an e-mail asking if you would like to include them in the porting request. You will either need to get the losing service provider to disassociate the numbers or include them in the port for it to proceed.

4. Complex Notification Advice (CNA)

If everything matches up the losing carrier will send a Complex Notification Advice (CNA) which means the port has been accepted. Once the request is accepted an appointment time will need to be booked. To avoid delays we will request the losing carrier book in their earliest available appointment (this may be 30 days or more in the future depending on how busy the losing carrier is).

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as we receive the CNA and confirm the porting appointment with the losing carrier. If you need to push back the porting appointment you will need to contact us and let us know what date to request from the losing carrier.

5. Porting starts

When the appointment date and time comes around the porting process is completed via a manual process between the 2 carriers. Once the porting begins the customer will experience a brief period of downtime on their service. This is generally around 20 minutes but may be as long as two hours. As a general rule the downtime window will be longer the more numbers are being ported.

6. Porting complete

Once the porting process is completed calls will start coming through to the Breeze Connect service. If you experience any issues please get in touch!