3CX Outbound Call Rules

We recommend the following Outbound Call Rules when setting up 3CX Phone System.


Rule Order

Rules must be in the following order

Outbound Rule Name


Emergency Services

Required for Emergency Calls to 000

13 NumbersUsed to route to 13 6-digit numbers


Used to route local calls

National & Mobile

Used to route Interstate and Mobile calls

Premium Numbers

Used to route 1300 and 1800 numbers

E164Used to route calls to E164 format


Used to route international calls OPTIONAL


Emergency Calls – 000

Please use the following Outbound Rule

13 Numbers

Phone calls to 13 6-digit numbers

Local Calls

Australia uses eight-digit local phone numbers preceded by the STD area code. Please follow the guide below:

Note – Set the Prepend rule to which ever code is relevant for your phone systems state.

National and Mobile Calls

Phone calls to Interstate and Mobile numbers

Premium Numbers

Calls to 1300 and 1800 (toll free) services

E164 Dialling

Call to numbers already in E164 format (E164 is the international telephone numbering plan)

International Dialling

Calls to Overseas destinations, recommended to only enable if requested.