Ring Group is a group of extensions that shares incoming calls. Based on defined ring strategies, e.g. “Simultaneous”, a call is routed to all group members, all phones start ringing until a group member answers the call.

To create a Ring Group, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Breeze Connect Partner portal and go to the customer account for which you want to create a Ring Group.
Click on 'Ring Groups'.

2. Click on the 'Add Ring Group' button to start configuring the Ring Group.

3. Configure the following details for the Ring Group:
* Ring Group Number: an extension number for the ring group, which needs to be a three-digit number starting with 8 (8XX).
* Ringing sequence or strategy: manner or pattern phones in the ring group, ring in.
* Caller ID: How the receiver sees the caller's ID.

* Name/Billing Reference: This is an optional field, however, if filled, will be shown on the customer's bill.

4. Assign the 'Ring Group plan' to the account to activate the Ring Group.

5. Review the details of the Ring Group and click on 'Create New Ring Group' to finish creating the Ring Group.

6. To add Users or Extensions to the Ring Group, Click on 'Extensions'.

7. Click on 'Add Extensions' button.

8. Select and assign the extensions, you want to add to the Ring Group.

9. Choose the Ringing setting for the extension and hit 'NEXT'.

10. Follow steps 7,8 & 9 again to assign more extensions to the Ring Group.