Fax to Mail is an alternative to traditional fax solution, allowing you to receive faxes electronically direct to your email inbox.

Click on Fax To Mail from the Customer's Dashboard.

Click on the Add Fax to Mail Button at the bottom right corner.

Then, fill out the setup information, like the description, billing reference, and the email to which you want to receive faxes.

And Click NEXT.

Select the service address, And click NEXT.

Assign the Fax to Mail plan to this account, And click NEXT.

Please review the information provided and click o Create New Fax to Mail.

Confirm that the Fax to Mail account has been created.

The below is how the Fax to mail account looks like, So the next step would be is to add a DID to receive FAX.

Click on DIDs at the top menu options.

Click on the ADD button at the bottom right corner.

Select the DID, and click on the ADD button.

Once added, you can now start receiving Faxes on your email.

This concludes the Fax to Mail setup guide.