After Creating an Extension, click on the Extension.

In the Extension summary page, select the DEVICES from the top menu options.

Then click on the ADD Device button at the bottom right corner.

In the next menu, choose the handset model and enter the MAC Address of the handset.

(The MAC address can be found in the label under the handset or from the WEB UI of the handset)

Once added, click CREATE.

Please confirm, that the device has been added.

The below is how the device dashboard looks like, and you can find the provisioning pin in the dashboard.

Once the Device is added, reboot the phone, and you will be able to see the option Provision on the Handset's screen.

Click on the Provision button.

The device will prompt for the Provision PIN, please enter the pin from the breeze portal, 

and click Submit.

You can see the Device has been registered.

Refresh the Breeze portal, you can see the device has been registered.

You will also be able to find the Admin & User credentials for the Device.

You can also view the registration status on the extension summary page.

This concludes the Auto-Provision of Yealink Handsets setup guide.