You will require the following details:

  • The End User and Trunk ID the number(s) will be attached to after porting
  • The authorised person's first and last name, contact details (and position for businesses)
  • The organisation name (person's name is used for personal accounts)
  • ABN/ACN (for businesses)
  • The site address of the services being ported
  • The service numbers and types for each service to be ported
  • The name of the current carrier
  • The account number

You will also need to attach the following:

  • The customer's latest phone bill
  • Scan of customer ID (or D.O.B. from ID you have sighted)
  • Completed & signed Porting Authority Form (electronic form or scanned PDF)

The customer's phone bill should be less than 60 days old and show:

  • Customer's name/address
  • Service numbers
  • Summary of services & features

You do not have to include the pages with individual call logs.