Exchanged Based Diversion - EBD

What is an EBD? - Exchanged Based Diversion converts the desired number to an virtual number, destroys all complexity on that number, i.e. line-hunt, Telstra DOT, etc. that then can be diverted at the carrier level and can be ported as CAT A. 

Prerequisites - 
a) DID's are active and portable
b) Not currently in an active port
c) Requires Temp DID's for Diversion - 
No. Temp DID/s required - IF you don't care about routing 1x Temp DID.
However if you wish to route each DID during the porting duration then allocate to TrunkID and provide to the losing carrier TEMP DID's for each porting DID (i.e. porting DID's x3 = 3x TEMP DID's).

  1. Account holder contacts Telstra - Asks to be connected to Telstra LNP (local number provisioning) team to port out numbers.
  2. Requests that the numbers to port are active and portable
  3. If not active, request the Numbers to port to be re-activated and portable.
  4. Account holder requests EBD (POST-PAID) (Exchanged based Diversion - Must be POST-PAID) - provides two temp numbers required for exchange diversion. (This usually takes 1-3 business days & the EBD will kill all current forwards).
Once the EBD (POST-PAID) has taken affect you shall request from Breeze Connect to submit DID/s in PAF as CAT A. (This will take 6-10 business days from acceptance to port).
Breeze Connect PAF

Additional info -

EBD POST-PAID - Ongoing month to month per number, Provisioned when cancelling a PSTN service, Will continue billing until cancelled by the customer, Can have Announcement or Redirection Only, Shows as an Active Service so can be Churned or Ported.
EBD PRE-PAID - 3, 6 or 12 Months, About half the price of EBD, Provisioned when cancelling a PSTN service, Can have Announcement or Redirection Only, Shows as a Disconnected Service or pending disconnection so can not be Churned or Ported, Will automatically disconnect when the allotted time is reached.

If you or the account holder has any queries, please don't hesitate to call our Breeze Connect Support line.